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F U Then I'll Make My Own.

The above is what the acronym "FUTIMMO" stands for. What we stand for is the little guy - the online mom and pop that have, up until now, not been provided a level playing field when it comes to building their business online. Thanks to industry giants such as Amazon, entrepreneurs selling products on their platform are being abused and taken advantage of. Amazon now has 71 of their own brands and hundreds of products under those product lines. All of these brands were once some other entrepreneur's products and whose efforts were leveraged and usurped by the greedy pigs at Amazon for their own gain. Without the data harvested and stolen from unsuspecting sellers, Amazon would never be able to identify profitable niches and products to steal and sell for themselves under their own brands.

Unfortunately, when Amazon likes your business, they can and will take your business devasting your income and several months if not years of hard work. Well, we're not going to fucking take it anymore and neither should you. We're building the platform of the future and we invite you to join us. As a result of Futimmo, ecommerce business owners finally have all the tools and resources needed for success, such as an online storefront, full standalone sales funnels, AND a marketplace to build a long-term sustainable business they can be proud of. Futimmo is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs globally by providing an all-in-one platform that converts like crazy because it utilizes the latest technologies such as machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. We promise to NEVER compete with you or do anything to jeopardize your business, livelihood, or family. Quite the opposite. Here's to you. Here's to Futimmo. Here's to us fighting the evil empire together to win the war for your business.


Help us fight the evil empire.

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